Top 20 Secret Websites for Make Money – Break the Mold

As technology advances, traditional employment models are undergoing rapid transformations. One notable development is the emergence of the gig economy. This has opened up unprecedented avenues for individuals to monetize their skills and talents.

In this era of connectivity, the internet empowers anyone to tap into a global marketplace and leverage their expertise. Whether you are seeking to supplement your current income or embark on a full-fledged online career, there are specific websites that serve as the gateway to unlocking your financial potential.

This comprehensive guide will uncover the hidden gems of the online world that prove lucrative for those in the know. From freelancing platforms that connect you with clients worldwide to specialized marketplaces tailored to niche industries, these secret websites offer unique opportunities for individuals with the determination and drive to succeed. Let’s get started!

Top 20 Online Money-Making Sites That Most People Are Unaware Of.

Earning money online is poised to become an increasingly popular method of generating extra income or establishing a full-fledged business. However, with the vast array of options available, it can be challenging to identify the most reliable and trustworthy websites for making money online. To help you, we have compiled a list of top-secret websites that offer excellent opportunities to earn money online. Whether you’re looking for freelance work, online marketplaces, or other online income streams, these websites are your go-to destinations for maximizing your earning potential. These platforms have been carefully selected based on their reliability and user satisfaction track record.

01. TaskRabbit - Do odd jobs for people in your area

TaskRabbit is a popular platform that facilitates connections between individuals seeking assistance with various tasks and skilled individuals capable of completing those tasks. By offering services such as cleaning, moving, and handyman work, TaskRabbit provides an opportunity to earn money for completing these tasks. TaskRabbit allows individuals to set their rates and choose the tasks they prefer to undertake.

Leah Busque founded TaskRabbit in 2008, driven by the idea of “neighbors helping neighbors” when she was strapped for time to buy dog food. The company garnered significant attention, securing $37.7 million in venture capital funding in 2012. Today, TaskRabbit boasts a vast network of tens of thousands of skilled individuals known as “Taskers” who can assist consumers across various categories.

TaskRabbit seamlessly connects users with local Taskers who meet their specific needs. The platform ensures reliability and transparency by providing verified ratings and review access. Users can easily browse through available Taskers in their vicinity, read about previous clients’ experiences, compare hourly rates, and even contribute their reviews.

02. - Create and sell online courses

Teachable is an online platform that enables individuals to create and monetize their own online courses, offering a range of tools and resources. Founded in 2010 by Aaron Ross, a former Salesforce sales executive, and Russell Brunson, a renowned internet marketer, emerged from their shared vision to simplify course creation and sales.

Since its establishment, has witnessed remarkable growth. In 2014, the company secured $3 million in funding from prominent investors, including Y Combinator and SV Angel. In 2017, Teachable was acquired by Hotmart, a leading Brazilian e-commerce company, further strengthening its position in the market.

By providing comprehensive services such as payment processing and course delivery, Teachable streamlines course creators’ experience. Their intuitive drag-and-drop course builder allows you to develop your course content effortlessly. Once your course is ready, you can easily set a price and sell it to your target audience and make money.

03. Gigwalk - Complete small tasks for businesses

Gigwalk is a platform that allows individuals to earn extra income by completing various small tasks in their local community. Whether photographing establishments, testing apps, or verifying addresses, Gigwalk compensates users for their efforts. The compensation amount varies depending on the specific task at hand.

After signing up for Gigwalk, you make money by performing these small tasks through their mobile app. This platform presents various opportunities, from capturing images of businesses to conducting customer surveys. Each task you complete through Gigwalk entitles you to payment, typically between $3 and $10 per task.

Gigwalk is a beneficial platform where users can undertake small jobs within their local area and receive compensation. Whether you want to make some extra cash or explore different tasks, Gigwalk offers a convenient solution.

04. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive online training platform and community that teaches individuals how to generate income online through affiliate marketing. Established in 2005 by Kyle and Carson Cashman, this platform has garnered over 1.5 million global members.

Wealthy Affiliate is widely regarded as the top choice for making money online. It offers a wealth of resources and training at no cost. It enables users to build sustainable streams of passive income effortlessly.

This all-inclusive platform equips you with the necessary training and tools to create and automate a profitable online business. Even if you lack prior knowledge or skills in online business, Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to transform your interests into a lucrative venture.

Unlike other online money-making websites that offer limited earning potential, Wealthy Affiliate is designed to empower you for success. Its focus is on helping you build a thriving and prosperous online business.

05. Clickworker

Clickworker is a legitimate company operating since 2008, offering opportunities to earn money by completing micro-jobs. These jobs encompass various tasks, including data entry and translation work. With Clickworker, you earn money for each job you complete. You can cash out your earnings once you’ve accumulated a minimum of $10.

Clickworker boasts a global workforce of over 1 million freelancers. To work with Clickworker, you must create an account and pass a qualification test. Once you’ve completed the test, you can access various tasks and bid on them.

06. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Complete small tasks for Amazon

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace connecting businesses with people willing to complete small tasks for money. These tasks are called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), and they can range from simple data entry to more complex tasks like transcribing audio or writing product reviews.

MTurk is a legitimate company that has been operating since 2005. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global workforce of over 500,000.

To start with MTurk, you must create an account and complete a qualification test. Once you pass the qualification test, you can start working on HITs.

The amount of money you can earn with MTurk depends on the type of tasks you complete and your skill level. However, you can earn between $0.01 and $5.00 per HIT.

07. - Test websites and apps

UserTesting is a website that offers an opportunity to earn money by participating in usability tests for websites and apps. These tests involve providing feedback on the user experience while interacting with a website or app.

To use UserTesting, you must create an account and complete a qualification test. Once qualified, you’ll receive invitations to test various websites and apps. The compensation for each test varies, typically ranging from $5 to $10.

By signing up, you’ll gain access to testing opportunities that typically involve a 20-minute commitment. If you have a keen interest in testing websites and apps and want to boost your income, I highly recommend UserTesting. It’s a fantastic way to combine your passion for usability testing with the opportunity to earn additional income.

08. Sweatcoin: Earn money for walking

Sweatcoin is a fitness app that rewards walking. You earn Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take, which you can redeem for products, services, and experiences.

Sweatcoin is a legitimate company that has been operating since 2014. It is headquartered in London, England, and has over 60 million users worldwide.

To get started with Sweatcoin, download the app and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can track your steps.

The sweatcoins you earn depend on how many steps you take. You earn 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps outdoors. You can also earn Sweatcoins for completing challenges and referring friends.

09. – Sell Your Articles

Medium is a popular blogging platform that offers the opportunity to publish articles and earn money. With around 142 million monthly visits, as reported by SimilarWeb, Medium attracts a substantial audience, with an average engagement rate of nearly 2%.

To monetize your Medium content, you’ll need to join the Partner Program. This program enables you to earn money from your articles. To qualify for the Partner Program, you must have 100 followers and publish at least 10 articles.

When pricing your articles, you have the flexibility to set your desired price, remembering that the minimum price allowed is $0.50. This allows you to determine the value you place on your content while considering.

Once you meet the Partner Program requirements and implement the paywall, you can start selling your articles. When a reader pays to access your content, you’ll earn a share of the proceeds, providing you with a potential source of regular income.

10. Fiverr - Sell your services

Fiverr is a freelancing website that connects buyers and sellers. It provides a robust platform where freelancers can showcase their skills and offer a wide range of services in exchange for compensation. I have been using Fiverr since 2018, earning a sustainable side income through its opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2010, Fiverr has emerged as a trusted and reputable online platform for individuals seeking to monetize their services. Its extensive reach has become a go-to platform for freelancers looking to make money online.

Fiverr encompasses various categories, catering to a broad spectrum of skills and expertise. Whether you specialize in graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video and animation, programming, or other areas, Fiverr offers ample opportunities to showcase your talents and earn income.

Fiverr’s truly remarkable feature is its inclusivity. It accommodates freelancers from all corners of the globe without country limitations. You can leverage Fiverr’s platform to work and earn regardless of location. This is whether in Africa, Europe, Asia, America, or anywhere else.

Fiverr operates on a “gig” system, allowing freelancers to set the price of their services. This flexibility enables you to establish rates that align with your value, giving you control over your earning potential.

Even if you lack specialized skills, Fiverr offers opportunities to generate income. You can leverage the platform to earn money without extensive expertise by providing highly demanding and easy-to-perform services.

11. Homestyler – Make Money via 3D Designs

Homestyler is an innovative online interior design platform that empowers users to design their homes virtually. This free platform allows you to create 2D and 3D floor plans while furnishing your spaces with real-world furniture selections. Homestyler’s interactive community sets it apart, allowing users to receive valuable feedback from fellow design enthusiasts. Previously, individuals would typically hire professionals and pay for 3D design services. However, with Homestyler, you can now access these features for free.

By signing up for a free Homestyler account, you unlock various benefits. This includes unlimited 1K rendering capabilities and earning Home Styler points for free 2K renderings and video renders. But how can HomeStyler help you generate income? The answer lies in leveraging these designs to sell your services on platforms like Fiverr. By searching for “3D design” on Fiverr, you will discover many individuals offering their expertise in 3D printing designs and technical engineering drawings.

12. Speechify – Transform Text To Audio

Speechify is an exceptional text-to-speech (TTS) application that reads articles, PDFs, and other documents. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it generates speech that sounds remarkably natural while allowing you to customize the speed and pitch to your liking.

If you’re a content creator seeking a valuable resource, look no further than Speechify. This platform empowers you to transform written texts into high-quality audio content. Whether running a podcast, managing a YouTube channel, or needing audio content, Speechify enables you to easily convert books, articles, and documents into audio files. To embark on this exciting journey, you must sign up for a free account on Speechify. Once you’ve signed up, copy and paste the text you wish to convert into audio and let Speechify handle the rest.

Using Speechify is a breeze. Just upload the document you want to listen to, and Speechify will promptly read it aloud. In addition, you can use Speechify to have websites and articles read to you as well.

13. Respondent

Respondent is an excellent platform for businesses that need user research. It stands out from similar websites due to its ability to recruit high-quality participants for research studies. With a large pool of participants and various participant qualifications, Respondent ensures businesses can find the right individuals to gather valuable insights.

Respondent is committed to fair compensation. Unlike many platforms offering minimal payouts, Respondent recognizes the value of participants’ time and expertise. They offer generous compensation ranging from $99 to $699 per hour for study participation. This higher pay rate makes Respondent attractive to individuals seeking substantial rewards for their time and input.

Getting started on Respondent is straightforward. Interested individuals must sign up on the website using their work email and personalize their skills and interests. By providing this information, participants increase their chances of receiving relevant research opportunities tailored to their expertise and preferences.

14. Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire is an excellent secret website for earning cryptocurrencies through surveys and microtasks. It offers a simple and free way to make money online. On this platform, you can earn money by engaging in various activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and completing simple tasks. The website provides a wide range of accessible paid activities to choose from.

The idle-empire site also offers flexible withdrawal options. Once you have accumulated at least $0.10 in earnings, you can withdraw your funds in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can withdraw from your PayPal account or receive gift cards.

Another characteristic of Idle-Empire that stands out is its inclusivity. The website allows users from nearly all countries to participate. However, users from countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and Germany often have better earning opportunities.

15. BestMark

BestMark is a reputable platform that presents an enticing opportunity for individuals to make money while receiving complimentary food and services. Signing up as a secret shopper on their website opens doors to exciting possibilities.

As a secret shopper, your primary responsibility is completing designated tasks and sharing your experiences with BestMark. Your compensation for your efforts can be quite rewarding, potentially earning up to $30 per hour, depending on the specific assignment.

When you join BestMark, you gain access to a personal shopping website that serves as your gateway to effortless earnings and various perks. By actively participating as a secret shopper, you can embark on engaging assignments while enjoying free food and services.

In this role, you will undertake assigned tasks and provide comprehensive feedback about your experiences. BestMark values feedback, as it helps them enhance their services and improve customer satisfaction.

16. Side Hustle Database

The Side Hustle Database is an invaluable resource designed to simplify your search for lucrative side hustle options and money-making opportunities. With its comprehensive collection and user-friendly filtering options, this tool empowers you to discover the perfect venture that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Within the Side Hustle Database, you’ll find various income-generating possibilities, from traditional side hustles to unconventional ventures. Filtering options narrow your search and focus on opportunities matching your desired earning potential.

If you’re looking for significant financial gains or quick cash injections, the Side Hustle Database has you covered. You can filter your search to uncover make-money opportunities that earn you over $100,000 annually. Alternatively, if you need immediate funds, the database allows you to find side hustles that offer fast and reliable income streams. 

With the Side Hustle Database, you can explore many side hustle ideas. You can also discover the perfect fit for your skills, interests, and financial goals. Embrace the wealth of possibilities and embark on your journey to financial independence by leveraging this exceptional tool. Start exploring the Side Hustle Database today and unlock the door to lucrative opportunities.

17. Userlytics - Test websites and apps for usability.

Userlytics is a reputable usability testing platform that evaluates websites and apps using real users. Testers can assess some of the world’s leading companies websites. By participating in Userlytics, you can earn $10 by spending just 20 minutes evaluating a website. This platform offers a convenient and effective way to earn money online by visiting websites.

A website test, called remote usability testing, involves carefully reviewing a client company’s website or mobile application and providing an honest evaluation. The input from a fresh perspective, like that of a new visitor, is highly valued. By leveraging these evaluations, Userlytics enhances the overall user experience for site visitors. This helps website owners grow their businesses online.

18. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a renowned self-publishing platform designed specifically for authors to effortlessly publish and sell their books in digital and print formats on Amazon. By leveraging Amazon KDP, you can showcase your book to millions of readers worldwide and earn royalties from every purchase.

Researching, writing, and publishing books that attract many Amazon buyers can be quite demanding. However, an undisclosed method enables authors to generate substantial monthly income on Amazon KDP without extensive research or writing a single sentence.

This method involves specialized software that streamlines the entire book creation process. Personally, this software has been immensely helpful to me in crafting numerous best-selling books on Amazon, and it can greatly help you.

With this software, you can research the best-selling books on Amazon KDP and recreate their success. Getting started with this book generation platform is hassle-free, as it offers a free account option.

19. Rakuten

Rakuten, previously known as Ebates, is a popular cashback website that offers money back when shopping online at participating stores. To start benefiting from Rakuten, you only need to sign up for an account and shop through their website or mobile app. You’ll receive a percentage of your total purchase back in cashback with each purchase.

Once you accumulate cashback, you can receive it through conventional methods such as PayPal or traditional checks. These payouts occur every three months, allowing you to receive cashback regularly. Rakuten collaborates with various stores, ranging from well-known retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, and Walmart to smaller online stores. This makes Rakuten an excellent way to earn extra money while making purchases you already planned to purchase.

20. is an online consignment shop that offers a convenient platform for selling pre-owned items. These items can include various things such as gently used clothing, children’s toys, or outdated furniture that you’ve replaced.

Let’s look at how the website operates: When you list an item valued at $10, you will instantly receive 15% cashback and a 20% shop credit. However, if the item’s value exceeds $10, you will receive 70% of the sale price (after deducting a $4.95 processing charge) in cash and a 20% shop credit.

It’s important to note that’s shipping services are currently limited to the 48 contiguous states within the United States. Consequently, outside the U.S., you won’t be able to utilize this platform to earn money.

By leveraging, you can conveniently sell your pre-owned items and potentially earn cash or shop credits, allowing you to declutter while benefiting financially. Keep in mind the platform’s shipping limitations when using this service.

What are the benefits of secret websites to make money online?

Utilizing secret websites to make money online offers several advantages. Firstly, these websites tend to have less competition than well-known platforms, giving you a higher likelihood of earning money. Secondly, secret websites often offer more attractive pay rates than their well-known counterparts. This means you can make a higher income. Thirdly, these websites are usually more specialized and focused on specific niches, allowing you to find platforms that align with your personal interests and skills. This targeted approach can enhance your overall experience and maximize your earning potential. Exploring secret websites allows you to tap into unique opportunities and potentially achieve greater success in your online money-making endeavors.

What are these secret websites?

The websites featured on this list provide diverse online earning opportunities. Within this selection, you’ll find platforms offering various income-generating methods. Some of these websites allow you to participate in surveys, enabling you to share your opinions and earn rewards. Others provide platforms for selling products or services, allowing you to showcase and monetize your offerings. Additionally, certain websites offer compensation for activities such as website and app testing and mystery shopping for businesses. These opportunities allow you to leverage your skills and interests while earning money in engaging and unique ways. Whether you prefer sharing your feedback, offering products/services, or undertaking specific tasks, this list provides a variety of avenues to explore for making money online.


In conclusion, the internet has revolutionized how we can earn money, providing an abundance of opportunities to generate income online. By delving into these genuine secret websites, you can uncover various avenues to diversify your revenue streams, unlock your full earning potential, and embrace the flexibility and convenience of working from the comfort of your home. Don’t hesitate any longer – take the initiative to explore these platforms today and embark on your journey toward financial independence in the digital realm. The possibilities are boundless, so seize the opportunity and pave your way to success in the online world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these personal websites legitimate and trustworthy?

Yes, all personal websites mentioned in this article are legitimate. They have been carefully researched and selected to ensure authenticity and credibility. However, exercising caution and doing your due diligence when engaging with any online platform is always good practice.

How much money can I expect to make from these websites?

The amount of money you can make will vary depending on several factors, including the time and effort you put into the activities. In addition, the specific tasks or services you offer, and the demand for those tasks or services. While some individuals may earn a substantial income from these websites, it’s important to note that results may vary for each person.

Are these websites available worldwide?

Most of the websites mentioned in this article are available worldwide. However, specific platforms may have restrictions or limitations in certain countries or regions. It’s recommended to check the terms and conditions of each website to ensure availability in your specific location.

Do I need any specific skills or qualifications to participate in these opportunities?

The requirements and qualifications vary depending on the specific website and the tasks or services offered. While some platforms require specialized skills or expertise, many offer opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. It’s essential to read the requirements and job descriptions carefully to determine if your skills align with the options available.

How do I get paid by these websites?

Payment methods vary depending on the website. Standard payment options include direct bank deposits, PayPal transfers, electronic wallets, or gift cards. Each platform has its payment policies and minimum payout thresholds, so it’s essential to review the payment details provided by the website.

Can I use multiple websites simultaneously to increase my earnings?

You can explore multiple websites simultaneously to diversify your income sources and increase your earnings. However, it’s essential to manage your time effectively and ensure that you can dedicate sufficient effort to each platform without compromising the quality of your work.

Are there any fees or charges associated with using these websites?

While many of these websites offer free registration and platform access, some may have certain fees or charges associated with specific services or premium features. It’s advisable to review the terms and conditions of each website to understand any potential costs involved.

Are there age restrictions for using these websites?

Age restrictions may vary depending on the website and the specific tasks or services offered. Some platforms may require users to be at least 18 years old, while others may have a minimum age requirement of 13 or 16. It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of each website to determine if you meet the age requirements.

Can I use these websites as a full-time source of income?

While some individuals may be able to generate a substantial income from these websites, it’s important to note that the earning potential can vary significantly depending on various factors. Some people may use these opportunities as a part-time source of income, while others may be able to turn them into full-time endeavors. It’s advisable to assess your personal financial goals and circumstances to determine if these opportunities can fulfill your income requirements.

Are there any risks involved in using these websites?

As with any online activity, there are inherent risks involved. It’s essential to exercise caution, be aware of potential scams or fraudulent activities, and protect your personal information. Read reviews, thoroughly research before engaging with any platform, and use secure and reputable websites.

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