Ekvet Reviews ✔: Find Out Ekvet.com Is a Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to our blog post! In today’s article, we will discuss Ekvet Reviews and answer the question: is Ekvet.com a scam or legit? With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce platforms, ensuring that the websites we visit and the products we purchase are trustworthy and reliable is crucial. This blog post will explore Ekvet.com, examining its legitimacy and uncovering whether it is a scam or a legitimate online platform. 

We’ll examine the red flags and authentic customer experiences that expose whether Ekvet is a scam. Considering this site, you’ll want to read this detailed review first. So, if you are considering a purchase from Ekvet.com or want to know more about its authenticity, keep reading to find out the truth behind Ekvet Reviews.

What is Ekvet.com, and What They Claim?

Ekvet.com portrays itself as an online marketplace offering major discounts on books and a wide variety of products. However, the tempting deals may not be all they seem.

The site first drew attention for alleged blowout prices on books. But many who placed orders ended up realizing these offers were too good to be true.

Currently, Ekvet claims to sell all types of discounted items. Yet an array of concerning factors indicates this online store is likely fraudulent. Now! This comprehensive review will break down the sketchy signs and why consumers should beware.

Troubling Signs to Ekvet.com is a Scam.

Behind the glossy exterior, Ekvet displays multiple hallmarks of a scam website. Let’s look at the top red flags:

  1. No Valid Contact Information

Ekvet does not provide any physical address, phone number, or email that actually works. This lack of valid contact details is highly suspicious and prevents resolving order issues.

  1. Hidden Identity

The domain owner’s identity is purposefully obscured a major red flag. Legitimate retailers are transparent about ownership.

  1. No Social Media Presence

Unlike most real companies, no active social media accounts can be found for Ekvet. Missing social links raise credibility questions.

  1. Suspicious Links

The contact email used on Ekvet has been tied to other known scam sites that never delivered goods. This indicates it’s part of a more extensive fraud network.

  1. Unrealistically Low Prices

Advertised discounts of up to 90% off, even on high-demand items, are clearly unrealistic. This tactic aims to lure customers into ordering.

  1. Rampant Negative Reviews

Multiple reviews expose product delivery failures, inferior items being sent, and a lack of customer service response.

With these problematic indicators, Ekvet exhibits the classic warning signs of an online retail scam. But how does the experience on the site measure up?

Inside the Ekvet.com Scam: Real Customer Reviews

The best way to assess an online seller is by examining feedback from people who bought from them. In Ekvet’s case, customer reviews are overwhelmingly negative and confirm a fraudulent operation.

Here are just some of the alarming experiences reported by Ekvet shoppers:

  • Credit cards were charged, but no products were ever received.

  • Customer service is completely unresponsive to refund requests.

  • Items eventually received were damaged, used, or completely different from the order.

  • The phone number on site is non-functional when trying to resolve issues.

  • Emails to Ekvet support go unanswered, leaving no recourse.

  • Requests to cancel orders before shipping are ignored.

These first-hand accounts align perfectly with typical scam practices, proving Ekvet cannot be considered a legitimate retailer.

Is Ekvet.com Safe to Buy From?

Given the clear warning signals and disastrous feedback from past Ekvet customers, this online store appears demonstrably unsafe for shoppers.

  • Based on reviews, the likelihood of losing money with no products delivered is extremely high.

  • Using PayPal does not offer protection, as scammers exploit shipping policy loopholes.

  • Customers report having credit cards repeatedly overcharged or hacked after using the site.

Until Ekvet implements radical reforms, including valid contact methods, verified secure checkout, and a track record of fulfilling orders, they remain an unreliable operation best avoided.

Red Flags Regarding Ekvet.com's Legitimacy

Red flags abound regarding the legitimacy of Ekvet.com. This concerning online retailer boasts a meager trust rating of just 16% alongside rampant negative reviews.

Despite claiming an affiliation with the bookseller Coaching To The Heart, LLC, Ekvet has drawn widespread complaints of scamming practices. Numerous users report ordering products, only to never receive any items or obtain fake tracking details.

Trying to seek recourse proves impossible, with a non-working phone number and unresponsive customer service emails. Moreover, the contact address provided appears fictitious, further preventing resolution of issues.

Most alarmingly, Ekvet’s listed email has been tied to other notorious scam websites engaging in similar fraud. These sites, like Mibagsonline and Raremanwatch.com, impersonate authentic brands to lure customers but only deliver low-quality or incorrect items.

This indicates Ekvet is likely part of a more extensive network deliberately deceiving consumers and collecting payment details.

With its dubious background, phantom contact information, and a laundry list of complaints, Ekvet.com exhibits all the hallmarks of an outright scam operation. Caution is strongly advised when considering this platform. Conscientious shoppers would be wise to take their business elsewhere.

How to Identify Scam Sites: Ekvet Case Study.

Ekvet provides a prime example of an ecommerce scam in action. By studying their shady tactics, consumers can better recognize the warning signs of untrustworthy sites. Here are tips to safeguard your online shopping:

  1. Research Domain History

Newer domains are much higher risk, while older sites have an established reputation. Ekvet’s domain was registered in 2011 but lacks longevity and familiarity.

  1. Verify Physical Address

Scammers rarely provide a valid physical location. Ekvet lists no address at all. Search any addresses given to confirm they exist.

  1. Seek Out Customer Reviews

Independent customer feedback reveals the actual experience. Ekvet has overwhelming negative reviews exposing failed orders.

  1. Test Contact Methods

Email addresses should be responsive, and any phone numbers should be operational. Ekvet’s contact email and phone are inactive.

  1. Check for Secure Checkout

Legitimate sites protect checkout with SSL encryption, indicated by “https” in the URL. Ekvet has no https, putting customers’ data at risk.

By thoroughly vetting an unfamiliar ecommerce site on these key factors before ordering, consumers can better identify frauds like Ekvet and protect their hard-earned money.


In summary, Ekvet.com exhibits a textbook array of red flags that mark it as an online scam to avoid at all costs. From deceptive marketing to nonexistent customer service to nightmarish buyer experiences, this retailer cannot be trusted.

For consumers, plenty of reputable alternatives exist to find legitimate deals and products both online and locally. By thoroughly researching sites and recognizing the warning signs, shoppers can steer clear of predatory scams. Always trust your intuition – if an offer seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

By staying vigilant and doing due diligence before providing payment info, savvy online shoppers can avoid the headaches of being scammed. Trust your gut instincts and skepticism if a deal looks unrealistic. For reliable bargains, reputable sellers will earn your business without resorting to shady tactics. Safe shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ekvet.com associated with Coaching to the Heart LLC?

No. Though Ekvet claims this, Coaching to the Heart denies any association and has reported the website as an unauthorized copyright violation.

What happens if I do order from Ekvet.com?

Your credit card will most likely be charged, but you’ll never receive the promised items. Some customers report getting used, inferior, or completely different products.

Can I get a refund if Ekvet.com scams me?

It’s highly unlikely, as the site owners cannot be contacted. If you paid by credit card, you may be able to dispute the charges under scam protection policies.

Are the discounted prices on Ekvet.com real?

No. Deep discounts are a tactic scammers use to create false urgency and lure customers into ordering. No legitimate retailer offers such high values.

Is it safe to use PayPal on Ekvet.com?

No. Scammers can provide fake shipping info, so PayPal sees it as a completed order. This prevents buyers from easily disputing the charges through PayPal’s protection policies.

How can I safely buy discounted books online?

Stick to large reputable retailers like Amazon or verified used booksellers with long histories. Check reviews and beware of sites offering prices that seem too good to be true.

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