The Amazing Watch Gang’s Review

Watches hold a timeless appeal beyond their practical purpose of timekeeping. They embody style, luxury, and sophistication, making them coveted accessories. Watch Gang is a subscription service worth considering if you’re a watch enthusiast seeking unique and high-quality timepieces to elevate your style. In today’s tech-dominated society, watches remain significant as fashionable statement pieces. Among the many options available, The Amazing Watch Gang stands out as a prominent player in the world of luxury watches.

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the various membership tiers of Watch Gang, delve into the watch selection process, uncover the membership benefits, showcase featured watch brands, present testimonials from satisfied customers, and provide a well-rounded understanding of what Watch Gang offers. By the end of this review, you will clearly grasp whether Watch Gang is the right fit for your watch collection and personal style.

What is Watch Gang?


Watch Gang is an innovative subscription service that caters to watch enthusiasts, offering them a curated selection of timepieces every month. With a deep passion for horology, Watch Gang aims to bring the joy of discovering new and exciting watches to its members. Watch Gang has something to offer whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting your watch journey.

The Watch Gang subscription provides watch enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore and collect expertly curated timepieces. It offers three different subscription tiers: Original, Black, and Platinum. This allows members to choose the level that aligns with their preferences and budget. Each month, subscribers receive a thoughtfully chosen watch delivered right to their doorstep, effortlessly expanding their collection.

Watch Gang’s diversity and quality make it an enticing choice for watch lovers. Members gain access to a wide range of brands, styles, and designs by joining the subscription service, ensuring a constant sense of excitement and anticipation. Whether you are an experienced collector or a beginner embarking on your watch journey, Watch Gang caters to all levels of watch enthusiasts. This allows you to explore and expand your collection with carefully selected timepieces.

How Watch Gang works?

Watch Gang operates on a straightforward and efficient model that brings joy to its members. When you subscribe to Watch Gang, you can look forward to receiving a brand-new watch every month. Their careful selection process, tailored to match your chosen tier and style preferences, sets Watch Gang apart. This personalized touch ensures that each watch you receive is a delightful surprise, helping you grow your watch collection and explore new brands you might have otherwise missed out on. The element of surprise adds an exciting twist to the overall experience, making every delivery a moment of anticipation and discovery.

Benefits of Joining Watch Gang’s Subscription.

Joining Watch Gang entitles you to a wide range of benefits designed to enhance the experience of collecting watches. Let’s explore the advantages of joining this esteemed subscription service:

  1. Exclusive Access to Limited Edition Watches:

As a Watch Gang member, you gain access to limited edition watches often unavailable to the general public. These timepieces are meticulously crafted and embody unique designs, making them a prized addition to your collection. By being part of Watch Gang, you can own truly one-of-a-kind watches.

  1. Monthly Giveaways and Contests:

Watch Gang frequently organizes giveaways and contests for its members. These exciting events allow you to win other watches or other valuable prizes. It adds an element of thrill and friendly competition to the subscription, making each month’s watch arrival even more exciting.

  1. Watch Trading and Upgrading:

Watch Gang’s standout feature is its watch trading program. As a member, you can trade watches, exchanging your current watch with another member’s watch. This feature lets you diversify your collection and acquire alerts that align with your evolving preferences. Additionally, Watch Gang offers an upgrade system where you can trade in your current look and pay the difference to receive a higher-tier timepiece.

  1. Discounts on Brand Partners’ Products:

Watch Gang has established partnerships with renowned watch brands. These collaborations result in exclusive discounts and offers for Watch Gang members. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can expand your horizons beyond subscription watches and access a wide range of watches and accessories from esteemed brands at reduced prices. This benefit adds significant value to your membership and allows you to explore other watch options beyond the monthly selection.

As a member, you receive a carefully curated timepiece each month and gain access to a thriving community of fellow enthusiasts.

A Closer Look at the Watch Gang Collections

One of the most fascinating features of The Amazing Watch Gang is the incredible assortment of watch brands and styles showcased in their collections. Whether you have a penchant for classic elegance or prefer contemporary and sporty designs, Watch Gang covers you. Their collection encompasses various choices, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

To maintain the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, the watches featured in Watch Gang’s collections undergo a meticulous selection process. Each timepiece is carefully evaluated to ensure it meets the stringent criteria set by Watch Gang. This attention to detail guarantees that every watch you receive through Watch Gang is of exceptional quality and represents the finest in horological craftsmanship.

Subscription Tiers and Pricing Options

Watch Gang offers different subscription tiers to cater for varying preferences and budgets. The three primary tiers include:

  1. Original Tier: $37.50 per month


The Original Tier is the introductory subscription option on the Watch Gang website. With a monthly fee of $37.50, this tier offers a diverse selection of stylish watches, typically between $50 and $150. While the brands in this tier may not be widely recognized, they produce high-quality stainless steel watches with genuine leather straps. These watches often feature Japanese automatic movements, such as Miyota or Seiko. The Original Tier is excellent for those seeking unique and fashionable timepieces.

  1. Black Tier: $74.99 per month

The Black Tier is the ideal option for watch enthusiasts looking for luxury at an affordable price. Priced at $74.99 per month, this tier showcases a curated collection of watches with retail values ranging from $150 to $500. The Black Tier encompasses several brands that offer luxurious timepieces while remaining affordable. These watches cost several hundred dollars, providing exceptional value for money. You can expect Japanese and Swiss quartz watches and some automatic watches in the Black Tier.

  1. Platinum Tier: $199 per month


Designed for those who like exclusive, high-end brands, the Platinum subscription offers an unparalleled watch experience. The Platinum Tier presents watches priced at $199 monthly, and ‍get a new watch worth up to $1,500. These timepieces epitomize luxury and elegance, representing the finest craftsmanship and design. Often featuring Swiss and Japanese automatic movements, Platinum Tier watches exude sophistication and timeless style. By subscribing to the Platinum Tier, you can access an exceptional selection of prestigious timepieces typically associated with the super-rich.

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The Watch Gang Experience

  1. Unboxing and Presentation:

The Watch Gang experience begins with the anticipation of receiving your monthly package. When it arrives, the unboxing process becomes an event of its own. Each watch is meticulously packaged, often in a sleek and stylish box, accompanied by relevant information about the watch and the brand. Attention to detail in the presentation enhances the overall experience, making it a true delight for watch enthusiasts.

  1. Watch Selection Process:

Watch Gang’s watch selection process showcases its commitment to quality and variety. The dedicated team behind Watch Gang carefully curates the watches, considering members’ preferences and style profiles. This ensures that each member receives a watch that perfectly aligns with their tastes and preferences while providing an element of surprise and discovery.

  1. Quality and Craftsmanship:

Quality and craftsmanship are paramount when it comes to timepieces, and Watch Gang understands this. They strive to ensure that the watches they send out meet high standards. From the build quality to the materials used and the attention to detail, Watch Gang watches reflect their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

  1. Subscription Flexibility:

Watch Gang recognizes that preferences can evolve over time. To accommodate this, they offer flexibility in their subscription plans. Members can easily upgrade or downgrade their tier at any time, giving them the freedom to explore different price ranges and watch styles. This adaptability ensures that Watch Gang remains a personalized and tailored experience, catering to individual preferences and evolving tastes.

Join Watch Gang Community

Watch Gang has successfully nurtured a thriving and enthusiastic community of watch enthusiasts. Members can connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for watches through their online forums, social media groups, and actual events.

Members can discuss, share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and gain valuable insights within these platforms. This vibrant community creates a sense of camaraderie, where members can connect on a deeper level and forge lasting relationships.

Interaction with fellow watch enthusiasts enriches the overall Watch Gang experience. Whether discussing favorite timepieces, seeking recommendations, or sharing exciting watch-related discoveries, being part of the Watch Gang community provides a space for meaningful connections and an enriched journey in the world of watches.

Watch Gang’s Alternatives

Watch Gang showcases a diverse range of watch brands, both established and emerging, through its subscription service. By featuring different brands each month, Watch Gang ensures members can explore various styles, designs, and horological expertise.

Some prominent watch brands that Watch Gang has featured include renowned names such as Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Bulova, and Invicta. These brands represent a rich heritage in watchmaking and offer a variety of styles, from classic and timeless designs to modern and avant-garde creations.


In conclusion, The Amazing Watch Gang has firmly positioned itself as a prominent force in the realm of luxury timepieces. Their innovative subscription service provides watch enthusiasts with an exciting and hassle-free opportunity to delve into a diverse array of top-notch watches. With their exclusive collaborations, deep community engagement, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, Watch Gang consistently captivates and inspires watch lovers across the globe. Whether you’re seeking stylish and fashionable options or yearning for the allure of super luxury watches, Watch Gang offers an enticing journey that redefines the way we explore and enjoy the world of horology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Watch Gang curate its watch collection?

Watch Gang employs a team of experts who meticulously curate the watch collection each month. They consider various factors such as member preferences, style profiles, brand partnerships, and market trends to ensure a diverse and captivating selection.

Can I choose the watch I receive each month?

Watch Gang operates on a surprise model, where the element of surprise adds excitement to the experience. While members cannot choose the specific watch they receive, Watch Gang considers members’ style preferences when curating the monthly selection.

What happens if I don’t like the watch I receive?

If a member receives a watch that doesn’t align with their preferences or expectations, Watch Gang allows them to participate in the watch trading program. Members can connect with other members and trade their watches for one that better suits their taste. Additionally, Watch Gang has a dedicated customer support team that strives to address any concerns or issues to ensure member satisfaction.

How can I upgrade or trade my watch?

Watch Gang offers a straightforward process for upgrading or trading watches. Members can visit the Watch Gang website and access the “My Account” section. From there, they can explore the available options for trading or upgrading their current watch, guided by the intuitive interface and instructions provided.

Is Watch Gang available internationally?

Yes, Watch Gang is available internationally. They ship to numerous countries worldwide, allowing watch enthusiasts from around the globe to enjoy the Watch Gang experience. However, it’s important to note that shipping options and costs may vary depending on the destination.

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