How to Turn Off Auto Swipe on Instagram Now?

Nowadays, social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. Instagram, with its visually engaging interface and user-friendly tools, has become a favored platform for sharing life’s memorable moments, promoting businesses, and fostering connections. However, Instagram’s auto-scroll feature is a subject that frequently sparks discussion among users. While some users appreciate its convenience, others find it distracting and yearn for more control over their scrolling experience. This blog post is dedicated to providing you with a clear guide on how to disable the auto-swipe on Instagram, giving you complete autonomy over your browsing journey.

Understand Instagram's Auto-Scroll Feature

Before we dive into the steps to turn off the auto-scroll feature, let’s first understand what it entails. On Instagram, the pace of content sharing is nothing short of staggering. Every second, a million new posts flood the platform, ensuring that our feeds are constantly replenished with fresh content. While this abundance of content is generally welcome, it can sometimes be overshadowed by Instagram’s automatic scrolling feature, which, as many users have voiced, can be quite frustrating.

Imagine you’re scrolling through your Instagram stories, feed, enjoying the posts you’ve seen from friends, influencers, and brands that you follow, and suddenly Instagram takes matters into its own hands, propelling you to the most recent posts. This auto-scrolling behavior has been a source of frustration for many users who want to view new content at their own pace. The good news is that there are methods to regain control over your Instagram feed and put an end to this auto-scrolling annoyance.

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Why You Might Want to Disable Auto Scroll on Instagram?

There are compelling reasons why you might consider turning off the auto-scroll feature on Instagram. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option:

1. Missing Important Content

The foremost concern with Instagram’s auto-scroll feature is the risk of missing out on vital posts or updates from your friends, family, or accounts you follow for business purposes. Instagram’s algorithm curates your feed, prioritizing content it deems relevant to you. As a result, you might not have the opportunity to see all the posts that genuinely interest you. This can be particularly problematic if you rely on Instagram for content creation and need to stay up-to-date with trends and updates in your niche.

2. Excessive Screen Time

Auto-scrolling can inadvertently lead to increased screen time. You may find yourself mindlessly swiping through your feed, often losing track of time. This can negatively impact your productivity and overall screen time management, potentially leading to reduced focus on more important tasks.

3. Overwhelming Content Stream

Instagram’s auto-scroll feature can inundate you with a continuous stream of content, potentially overwhelming your browsing experience. This constant barrage of posts can make it challenging to distinguish what you’ve already seen from what you haven’t, resulting in a less than optimal Instagram experience.

How to Disable Auto-Scrolling on Instagram?

If you’re tired of Instagram’s auto-scrolling feature and want to take control of your feed, here are some methods to help you do just that:

1. Utilize Your “Favorite” Feed

One effective way to ensure you don’t miss any content on Instagram is to utilize the “Favorite” feature. If you’re concerned about missing posts while auto-scrolling, you can bookmark your favorite accounts. This way, you can easily access all the content from your preferred accounts by switching to your “Favorite” feed. Here’s how:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.

  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to access the menu.

  3. Select “Settings” and then tap on “Account.”

  4. Under “Content Preferences,” choose “Favorites” and select the accounts you want to add as favorites.

  5. Once you’ve added your favorite accounts, switch to your “Favorite” feed to ensure you never miss their updates.

2. Use Data Saver Mode to Manage Scrolling.

Instagram’s Data Saver Mode is a valuable feature designed to help you reduce your mobile data consumption while using the app. Data Saver Mode on Instagram is a setting that, when enabled, prevents images and videos in your feed from automatically loading. Instead, they will only load when you choose to view them. In this way, the auto-scrolling feature is effectively eliminated, preventing new posts from loading automatically, and allowing you to control your feed more effectively. Here is how to activate Instagram’s Data Saver Mode:

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile by tapping your profile picture in the bottom right corner.

  2. In your profile, tap on the menu icon located in the top right corner (usually three horizontal lines).

  3. Scroll down and select “Settings.”

  4. Within the “Settings” menu, tap on “Account.”

  5. Find and tap on “Mobile Data Use.”

  6. Here, you will see the option to enable “Data Saver Mode.” Simply toggle it on.

3. Hold Your Finger to Stop Scrolling

Another useful tip is to keep the app in check while scrolling. You can do this by holding your finger down on the screen when viewing posts. This simple action will disable Instagram’s automatic scrolling, allowing you to extend your viewing time and preventing posts from rushing by too quickly. Whether you’re browsing through reels, videos, or images, this method can help you savor the content at your own pace.

4. Explore Instagram’s Desktop Version

If you prefer a more controlled browsing experience without auto-scrolling, consider using Instagram’s desktop version. While the mobile app is popular, it may not offer the same level of control as the desktop version. You can access Instagram through your laptop or computer, either via a web browser or the Instagram app for desktop. This can be a great option if you want to avoid the hassle of auto-scrolling altogether.

5. Use of Trusted Third-Party Apps

If you’re looking for more advanced ways to turn off auto-scroll on Instagram, some third-party apps provide additional features and control. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Research and Choose a Reputable App

Before diving into third-party apps, it’s essential to research and select a trusted option to avoid any potential security risks. Look for well-reviewed apps from reliable sources like the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS).

  1. Download and Install the App

Once you’ve identified a trustworthy app, download and install it on your mobile device. Make sure to grant the necessary permissions during installation and follow the setup instructions provided by the app.

  1. Authenticate Your Instagram Account

Most third-party apps will require you to log in using your Instagram credentials to access your account. Ensure that you provide the necessary authentication information as requested.

  1. Disable Auto-Scroll

Inside the app, explore its settings or options related to auto-scrolling or auto-swiping. Depending on the app’s interface, you may find this feature under “Scrolling Preferences” or a similar label. Follow the provided instructions to toggle off the auto-scroll feature.

Limitations and Considerations When Disabling Auto Scroll on Instagram

While the methods discussed above can assist you in turning off the auto scroll feature on Instagram, it’s crucial to be aware of certain limitations and considerations:

1. Device, OS, and Region Variability

First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize that these methods may not work uniformly for everyone. Instagram’s features can vary based on the device you’re using, your operating system, and even your region. Therefore, the effectiveness of these techniques might differ from one user to another.

2. Security Concerns with Third-Party Apps

When considering third-party apps as a solution, it’s vital to be cautious about potential security risks. Some third-party apps or older versions of Instagram may not provide the same level of data protection as the official Instagram app. To safeguard your account’s security, always ensure that any third-party apps you choose are from reputable sources and have positive user reviews.

3. A altered Instagram Experience

Turning off auto scroll may significantly change your Instagram experience. With auto scroll disabled, you may need to manually refresh your feed to view new posts. Additionally, the posts you see may not be as finely tailored to your interests as they would be with the auto scroll feature enabled. Instagram’s algorithm uses auto scroll to curate your feed based on your interactions and interests, so disabling it may impact the content you encounter.

4. Manual Refreshing

As mentioned, when auto scroll is disabled, you’ll need to manually refresh your feed to see the latest posts. This means that staying up-to-date with your favorite accounts may require more active engagement, as you’ll need to initiate feed updates.

Does Disabling Auto Swipe Affect Instagram's Performance?

Instagram Add Yours Sticker In Instagram stories.

The straightforward answer is no. Disabling the auto swipe feature on Instagram does not have any adverse effects on the overall performance of the app.

Auto swipe is a convenient feature designed to make navigating through stories and posts a breeze. It’s all about adding ease and efficiency to your browsing experience without tampering with the core functionality of the app.

When you choose to disable auto swipe, it’s essentially like hitting the pause button on this particular feature. You retain the freedom to manually scroll through stories and posts, just as you always have. The basic performance aspects of the app, such as loading speed, smooth operation, and the availability of filters and features, remain unaffected by this minor adjustment.

So, rest assured that your Instagram experience will maintain its high standard of performance, irrespective of whether you choose to keep auto swipe enabled or disable it.


This guide has explored several methods to help you turn off the auto swipe feature on Instagram. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can use the Settings menu, enable Data Saver mode, or make use of a third-party app.

Instagram’s auto swipe feature, while convenient for some, can be a source of frustration for others. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can regain control over your Instagram browsing experience and tailor it to your liking.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Depending on your needs and preferences, select the method that you find easiest and most effective in stopping this feature. Remember that your Instagram experience should always align with your individual preferences, ensuring that you have a more enjoyable time scrolling through your feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Instagram have auto scroll?

Yes, Instagram features an auto-scroll feature that automatically loads new posts as you scroll through your feed, designed to enhance the browsing experience.

Why does Instagram keep auto-scrolling?

Instagram auto-scrolls to engage users by showing them posts it believes they’ll find interesting based on their activity and engagement within the app.

Why do people turn off auto swipe on Instagram?

People disable auto swipe to gain more control over their browsing experience. Auto swipe can be overwhelming, and turning it off allows users to navigate through content at their preferred pace.

Can you turn off auto scroll on Instagram?

While there’s no direct option to turn off auto scroll, you can use workarounds like Data Saver Mode, third-party apps, or Instagram’s desktop version to gain more control over your scrolling experience.

Why is Instagram swipe black?

The black swipe effect on Instagram is a design choice aimed at enhancing the user experience and providing a visually appealing interface.

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