Review 2023: The Best Free AI Detector Tool?

Have you stumbled upon this online tool and wondering if it is worth giving a shot?

Well, this review is all that you need. It will give you a peek into the world of

Before diving into the review, let me introduce myself and why should you trust my two cents about this online content detector. 

Well, I’m a writer who’s been writing reviews for over five years and covering more than 20 tools monthly, I’m here to give you the lowdown on this AI content detector. This is just a genuine, easy-to-understand perspective.

So, let’s see if spotting AI-generated content is just a click away.

What is About? is an online tool that helps you detect whether the content you are reading is generated by humans or AI chatbots. 

The tool is your online companion in the quest to figure out if the content is human-made or AI-generated. 

This free AI content detector acts like a plagiarism watchdog vouching the legitness of your work t with just a simple click.

Imagine having a piece of text in front of you, and you’re curious if it’s the product of human creativity or the brainchild of an AI. 

That’s where steps in. The tool is available across all platforms – no browser bias here, working seamlessly on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS.

Behind the Scenes of

Let’s break down the detective work of It uses advanced techniques and algorithm that makes it easy for this content detector to catch the most nuanced writings.

Perplexity Check uses this technique which is also called a word puzzle. The online AI content detector judges the content based on how well the words fit together. 

If the words and sentences are random and do not fit like a puzzle then it will flag it as AI-written content. 

On the other hand, if the words flow smoothly, it’s more likely human-written.

Burstiness Check

The second criterion of The AI Checker is that it finds the pattern that sentences follow in a certain paragraph or overall content. Ai written content has certain patterns followed too often. 

For example, if the sentences and words are repeated often then most likely the content is AI-written. 

Humans like mixing things up, so burstiness can be a clue that the content might be AI-generated.

N-gram Analysis

The AI Checker breaks the text into little word gangs called n-grams. So, this technique is about looking at groups of words instead of individual ones.  

If it sees a lack of variety, it might suspect AI involvement. Humans tend to mix up their words more.

Who Benefits from

This AI detector claims to work against the most popular AI tools like:

  • ChatGPT 
  • Jasper AI

These tools are known for churning out content that can mimic the expressions of human writing. 

But you do not have to worry, can catch even the most famous AI writers.

Impressive Features that Set Apart

Want to know why everyone is raving about Well, it stands out among AI content detectors due to its impressive feature list. 

Let’s dive into these features that make it your reliable companion for authentic content.

90% Accuracy

AI content detector does not leave you at guesswork. The tool claims to give a remarkable 90% accuracy rate. Therefore, it accurately distinguishes between human and AI-crafted content.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI doesn’t possess basic and old-school techniques. It digs deep into language intricacies using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI. 

This is necessary since there are a variety of AI content-generating tools like ChatGPT and

The result of these modern techniques is that it enhances its ability to deliver accurate predictions.

Unlimited Word Count does not constrain you with a word limit. It supports a short paragraph and a lengthy document as well. Therefore, the length doesn’t matter.

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It analyzes content with an unlimited word count – no restrictions, just paste your text and let work its magic.

Free of Cost

Premium services often come with a price tag, but not this AI detector. It’s entirely free, giving you access to powerful features without reaching for your wallet.

Swift Results

AI Detector understands does not let you waste any time. You can get prompt and efficient outcomes without lengthy waits or complex processes.

Easy Steps to Use

  • Visit the Website: Go to in your web browser. It’s designed to make your content detection experience easy.
  • Upload or Paste Your Text: Once on the site, find the space that says, “Enter text here to detect.” Paste your content – it works for any kind, even if it’s generated by GPT-3.
  • Click “Detect GPTZero”: Below your text, click “Detect GPTZero.” This sets the AI to work.
  • Wait for Results: Wait for a few seconds. The AI checker will process your text and deliver results on whether it’s likely human or AI-generated.
  • Review the Verdict: Results are straightforward. “Human” means a person likely created it. “AI” suggests artificial intelligence might be at play.

When I checked the content generated by ChatGPT-3, it accurately depicted the % of AI-written text. 

Is it the Best Free AI Content Detector?

So, this was my hands-on experience with this free AI detector, and here is my verdict.

It delivers on what it promises of accuracy. During testing, from casual to technical content, the results were consistently spot on.

The tool is quite efficient in distinguishing between human and AI-generated content. So, the accuracy is truly commendable. 

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Many features make it a hot choice for users. for example, It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and accessible to all. No technical expertise is needed whatsoever– just upload your content, click a button, and get clear results.

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