Understanding the Challenges Faced by Breast Cancer Survivors

The journey of breast cancer is one of resilience, strength, and hope. Surviving this complicated medical issue is one of the main factors that build the resilient mindset of a patient. Here, we will explore some of the experiences of patients who have faced several challenges even after surviving the tough battle against breast cancer. 

There are different challenges that breast cancer survivors might face when they want to embark on their lives post-treatment. 

Physical Challenges

After the breast cancer treatment, the individual used to go through the aftermath of the treatment, including the involvement of surgical scars, loss of sensation, and potential side effects of medication. It can lead to drowsiness and will make you physically weak, and you need to take complete rest for the initial weeks. 

After the treatment, a patient might face some physical deformity that will not match the person’s pre-operative look. Here, an individual can feel low self-esteem, and that can impact the perception of the body image. 

At Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Center or a different location, one can get body reforming treatment, which they can go through, which will bring back the aesthetics of the body, and that might help the individual to get a boost in self-esteem. 

Emotional and Psychological Struggles

The emotional toll is huge for breast cancer survivors, and it impacts them on multiple levels. In this stage, a particular person needs emotional support who can take care of that person and can manage their emotional well-being. 

In the initial stage of breast cancer, a person can’t just comprehend the information that they have cancer and needs to go through the operative process and how that will impact the lifestyle of that person. These reasons sometimes push people into denial mode, where they are not willing to accept this fact. 

To cope with this shock, one needs their near ones to help them during these phases and to help them fix their overwhelming emotions. It also gives them fear and anxiety, becomes a potential hazard during the treatment phase, and can paralyze a person to make an affirmative decision. 

Body Image Issues

Due to breast cancer, one might face body issues where, on a psychological level, one feels that the individual doesn’t look good anymore. Though it’s a manufactured psychological impact, it can still diminish the value of a person. 

Here comes the treatment of breast reduction in Newport Beach or other locations, which can help the person to get their desired body shape after surgery so that they can rebuild their confidence and can again walk into the normal course of life. 

Intimacy and Relationships

The survivors claimed that the breast cancer has affected their intimacy with their partners. There are various cases where a person can go to couple therapy to deal with this issue, or they need communication on clear terms that include the aspect of physical intimacy. 

Hence, it can be stated that amid all of these challenges, a survivor becomes resilient and strong enough to handle all these issues and recover. This mental and physical challenge helps the person to grow and evolve and helps them to gain perspective. 

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